20 Valentines Day Ideas for Him – Fun & Romantic!

February 14 is a fun day for many couples. Coming up with Valentines Day Ideas for him, however, may not be so exciting. It can be difficult to plan a day, which usually falls on a weekday and you don’t get the holiday off!

Never fear, though. I have compiled several ideas on how you can spend your holiday – ways that your male counterpart will enjoy!

20 Fun and Romantic Valentines Day Ideas for Him

Valentines Day Ideas for Him

Valentines Day Ideas for Fun Seekers:

  1. Create a fun picnic on the living room floor. Bring a couple of comedies to the DVD player, and enjoy just spending the event laughing together.
  2. Have a game night. Pull out some old board games collecting dust in the closet, pop some popcorn, and have fun!
  3. If your man isn’t really the nostalgic type, opt for a night of playing his favorite video games. Make him teach you how to play so that the two of you can both have fun duking it out.
  4. Send him on a scavenger hunt! Buy several little presents and place them around the house, each with a clue to the next gift’s hiding place. Start him off with a fun Valentines Day card, and watch him have fun finding everything.
  5. If you decide to head out for dinner, take your beau to a local mini golf course afterwards. Find one indoors if the weather is too chilly where you live. A little friendly competition can make this Valentines Day idea for him lots of fun!
  6. Enroll the two of you in a cooking class. It can be quite entertaining to cook with your dude, and it could also help you later in the kitchen.
  7. Spin off of the cooking class, have a more private baking session at home. Find a yummy dessert online you’d both like to try. Shop for the ingredients before the holiday, and then enjoy the evening sharing the kitchen. Be prepared for chocolate fights!
  8. Weather permitting, take a walk through your local park. Opt for one that has a water fountain, if possible, so that you can make wishes as you toss pennies in.
  9. Grab some paper and pencils. Have the two of you write a Valentines Day poem or song together…be it romantic, funny, or somewhere in between.
  10. Hop in the car and just drive! The fun comes in the unknown…pick a road or direction you rarely travel and just see where you end up.

Valentines Day Ideas for Romantic Lovebirds:

  1. Book the honeymoon suite for Valentines Day night at a nice, local hotel. The time away from home (even if you are only 10 minutes away) will be a nice break from everyday life. Pack the suitcase with lots of romance too!
  2. Plan a romantic night in…a nice dinner, wine/champagne, and then cuddling to a romantic comedy (or full blown lovey dovey movie if your guy can handle it) and relax under blankets on the sofa.
  3. Cuddle in front of the fireplace with cups of hot cocoa…with marshmallows of course! Talk about your life together and where you want it to go in the future.
  4. Visit a winery for a sample tasting. Take home a bottle for your own private Valentines Day night.
  5. Spend the evening with each other and a camera. Head to places you are normally too busy to visit, getting lasting memories on your journey. Be sure to snap a few photos of you two!
  6. Write him a love letter, just like you may have in high school. Put it somewhere you know he will find it by surprise, such as his car, briefcase, or pillow.
  7. Schedule a couples massage. Or DIY: Grab some scented massage oil, light some candles, and massage one another.
  8. Serve him breakfast in bed on Valentines morning. Cook his favorite breakfast – or prepare his favorite cereal, if you are in a rush  – and wake him up with a kiss and food!
  9. Create a lovey dovey coupon book just for him. Valentines Day ideas for him are great when they come from the heart. Include romantic ideas you know he will personally like.
  10. Hot air balloon ride! How much more romantic can you get but being hundreds of feet in the air with the man you love?!
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Share your best Valentines Day ideas for him below!