Top 3 Times We Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Atlanta

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As a mom of boys, I am well aware that I must have the best health resources available to my family at all times. Though we aren’t a sickly family, there are illnesses every now and then. Injuries have and will continue to occur, seeing as I have two boys that are growing up, the oldest getting bolder and more adventurous by the day. Thankfully, this mom knows all about the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Atlanta!

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic for the Family

It seems that for anything other than a well-check, we have to wait FOREVER at our sons’ doctor’s office, no matter how minor. Seeing that the healthcare clinics at Walgreens offers appointments as well as accepts walk-in patients, I could get in and out with whatever issue we are having much quicker. When there’s something wrong with me, I need to be seen ASAP so I can get better and back to running the household.

Last year, before I found out I was pregnant with Dawson, I had a terrible bout of stomach flu.

This wasn’t your ordinary 24 hour bug – it lasted almost 4 full days! Sawyer had to be sent to my parent’s house so he wouldn’t catch it, and so I could rest.

Knowing that I’d be waiting at my doctor’s office, I put off going to get nausea medication that helped me get over that symptom so I could eat. A walk-in clinic would have been much easier to get in and out of, especially when all you want to do is lay down and sleep.

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic and a Healthy Family

The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is also a great place for taking children. If you are a mom, you know that sitting in a waiting room is probably the hardest thing for a child to do, especially when they aren’t feeling well. Even though Sawyer is only three, there have been times the clinic would have come in handy for him.

Take, for example, the time he came down with a mysterious rash on his arm. It was a scratch one day, and a red, raised, oozy area the next. The Walgreens #HealthcareClinic takes care of skin rashes and infections. Since we couldn’t get in with his doctor the afternoon we noticed it, we had to wait an extra day to be seen, all the while trying to keep a toddler’s arm away from everything. It turned out to be nothing more than poison oak.

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic Injury Services

Another example is this past January, when he started running a fever and coughing. He had already seen the doctor for his symptoms, but he wasn’t getting better. After having a very bad Friday night, we got up the next morning and called his pediatrician’s office.

It was too late to be seen that day, so we had to make plans elsewhere. The clinic at Walgreen’s would have been the perfect solution – much better than waiting around for another pediatrician’s office to open in the next city over!

When your kids are sick, just an extra couple hours are terrible as you watch them suffer with no ability to help. It turned out my 3 year old had the flu that day. When he finally got some medication in him, he was back to his old self in days.

Is there a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic near you?

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic Information

With so many services, Walgreens Healthcare Clinic may be the best option for your family’s needs. They offer prevention services such as check ups and vaccinations. They also treat several illnesses and injuries like ear ache, allergies, burns, urinary tract infections and pink eye.

They are open every day of the week – which is perfect for those Sunday stomach bugs or “crash and burns” when you cannot be seen by a regular doctor. Definitely a better option than the ER!

Find the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic nearest you so you will be ready for your or your children’s medical issues.


  1. says

    That looked so painful. I love these in-store clinics. I used one just two weeks ago when my eyes were itchy. Turned out I had an eye infection. I was able to get diagnosed and get meds all in one stop!

  2. says

    That looks painful! Poor thing. Luckily we have a Walgreens within walking distance of our home and it’s open 24 hours. I haven’t had to use the clinic yet but I always keep it in mind when my little one comes down with something.

  3. says

    We don’t have health insurance so we don’t have regular doctors and end up using clinics instead of making appts with a doctor’s office. I’ve gone there for everything from dealing with smoking cessation to physicals for my daughter to having strep throat!

  4. says

    I have not had good luck with the Walgreens walk in clinic. And I have been able to get in CVS walk in clinic on a Saturday or Sunday, but you do end up sitting there for quite some time. I am glad to hear that someone has had a good experience though. Maybe I will try it again.

  5. says

    I think that the Walgreens clinica are perfect – much better than going to the emergency room. I work the emergency room and we are noticing more and more people going to walk in clinics for health care. If the clinic feels it is serious they always direct the person to the ER.

  6. says

    Poison Oak and Sumac is the bane of my existence. On our farm, the Sumac grows over 6 feet high in some places! One of these would be so convenient for those emergency fixes when we fall in the sumac trying to cut it down.

  7. Ashley M says

    We don’t have one of these at our local walgreens, but like you there are numerous instances where having one would have been so convenient.

  8. says

    Being military I’ve never needed a Walgreens Clinic but it’s great to know that it’s there for those who do. Kids do tend to get sick in the middle of the night a lot. :)

  9. Eliz Frank says

    It’s good to read about the great way that Walgreen’s provides good services to its communities. I like reading about this too.

  10. says

    We used to use the Walgreens clinics when we didn’t have insurance because it was so much cheaper to pay cash there than it was at our regular doctor’s office! They are great to have in your neighborhood!

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